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PAUL KUTO’s qualifications for running for office include participating in several community projects in Western Kenya, specifically in Chwele (Bungoma County), and Vihiga and Kaimosi:

Paul Kuto is a graduate of Portland State University. For a period of over 20 years, Paul worked with local insurance and financial institutions such as Blue Cross, US Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America. He currently devotes his time to development ministry in Kenya. He has also served on the Elders Committee at Tigard Community Friends Church.

  • Constructed clinic in Chwele, Kenya
  • Constructed dining hall at Teremi High School in Kenya
  • Constructed library Teremi High School in Kenya
  • Constructed Water Borehole in Chwele, Kenya
  • Construction of Community Center in Chwele to be completed in 2012
  • Established computer literacy project at Vihiga High School in Kenya
  • Established Friends University Kaimosi, Kenya

My education which qualifies me for this job include:  a Masters degree (M.P.A.) in Public Administration and Urban Planning from Portland State University (PSU). I earned my Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) also at PSU.

My professional affiliations include a past membership in the World Affairs Council of Oregon for quite a long time. I have also belonged to the United Nations Oregon Chapter to discuss United Nations issues for two years in a row. These experiences have helped inform my interest and qualifications to serve in a political capacity in Kenya, and especially because I am Kenyan originally from Bungoma County.


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